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Unveiling the Best Wedding Venues in Brisbane and Beyond

The magical moment when you say ‘I do’ deserves a setting as extraordinary as the commitment you’re making. Brisbane and its outskirts boast some of Australia’s most picturesque wedding venues, making the heart flutter just as much as the person you’re about to marry. Dive into our handpicked selection of dreamy locales, and discover why Focus First Films is the ideal choice to immortalize your wedding memories.

chantelle and matt with bridal party

Our Favourite Gold Coast Hinterland Wedding Venues

The Gold Coast Hinterland is easily one of our favourite locations for weddings, tropical, country, rustic vibes. What is not to love!? We’ve gone ahead and compiled a few of our favourite Gold Coast Hinterland wedding venues, with some pics to prove it!

Wedding Day Planner

Planning your wedding day can be so overwhelming and even a little bit nerve-wracking, so having the right wedding day planner is SO important!